SHAMANIC HEALING ACADEMY Mastery: A Close-Knit Village Community of Heart-Centric Individuals 

Experience the convenience of email and text support, along with a monthly mastery meet-up where you can connect with like-minded In-Spirited individuals who share your business and purpose-driven mindset. This membership tier requires an application process to maintain a high level of integrity and frequency.

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  •  In One Word Describe Your Journey
  • SHAMANIC HEALING ACADEMY Mastery is a unique intimate group of Mystical, Magical Beings who are driven to Align their Gift, Live their Purpose. Either as an entrepreneur, possible in transition of becoming an entrepreneur or ready to embody their Personal Medicine. Does this fit your hearts-desire and intention?
  • What is your main intention, in terms of Gift & Purpose and/ or business?
  • SHA Mastery Group Sessions typically meet on Wednesdays at 2 PM MST. Is this time suitable for you, and if not, are you okay with recorded sessions?
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