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My name is Tonya Dee, which translates to "Priceless Fairy Queen." And if you know me, I spend time "Feeding the Fae!"

I am a Holistic Shaman & Medium, an Otherworldly Life Coach, Subtle Energy Surgeon & a Reflector in Human Design.

I do go by the term "Holistic SHA'Medium," merging them ALL into one insightful Offering to guide you on your own Journey. 

I am here with a Realm of OtherWorldly Beings: Angels, Elementals, the Fae and More. Ready to assist you to take the World by Storm. By  gaining insight, clarity - the Ancient Wisdom in your Bones!

How? By creating Sacred Space - Ritual Prescriptions and Offerings! Not sure if I am for You?

Go ahead and schedule a 1:1 Coaching Session, I'll roll the Shells and "see" what comes in. Being a "Seer to the Unseen," looking into the worlds. I allow Spirit to Guide me. I am a conduit. You are your own healer. You already know the answer. But sometimes we need an outside Source to let us know, "We aren't Crazy!"

ashe' Ashe' ASHE' (BLESSINGS)!

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Behind the Scenes  

Hi There! I'm Tonya Dee, a Holistic Shaman & Medium, an OtherWorldly Life Coach, Subtle Energy Surgeon & Reflector in Human Design.

I work with Soul Inspirited & Life Empowered people who feel like they don't belong. 

My heart believes when we connect to our Soul Inspired Spirit, to the Other Realms, we become the Spirit we are meant to be. Our Personal Medicine & Prime Directive.

Over most of my current lifetime, I've assisted hundreds of people to "Climb into their Skin," moving through the 'ghost in the darkness,' to align with their Source Frequency.

My Past

I was blessed by death at the young age of 7, a NDE (Near Death Experience), . . . and that story has ALWAYS been in the background guiding me!

I've been in the Beauty & Wellness Industry most of my earthly lifetime. I believe "Beauty is Health Made Visible," always ahead of my 'time' - I incorporated: Energy Medicine, Shamanism, Chakra's, Aura's, Elementals, the Cosmic Highway, Chinese Medicine (Four Pillars & Feng Shui), and more. Bringing my indigenous side out of the closet, the Bridge Between Beauty & Wellness.

My Intention

"Changing Lives, Igniting Passions on the Information Highway ~ while Awakening the Spirit." We ALL have intuitive gifts & psychic abilities, Personal Medicine & a Prime Directive. What excites me? Watching other people Climb into their Skin, their Personal Medicine, living their Soul Inspirited story. 

My heart thrives in showing people the beauty that resides within, providing insight, clarity around your innate gifts & purpose ~ the Magical Being that is YOU!

It's my Gift & Purpose, and I am excited for this adventure to assist you in seeing your own Spirit Initiated Transformation!

Tired of Twiddling your Thumbs?

If you find yourself, living life as if it's a broken record - playing the same scratch over and over and over again, there is only ONE person who can shift that. You don't have to be in the same paradigm 6-months from now.

To put it mildly, energetically - one can't afford to keep those "energetic-hiccups" on the sidelines, especially if you feel and sense, like I do.

Eventually, those tell-tale signs start speaking another language - and that language is no longer an "energetic-hiccup."

Stay Curious, Question Everything


How do I schedule a session & make a payment?

I have an amazing way for you to chose the option that best fits your needs. Payments are non-refundable, and may be applied as credit, with advanced cancellation. Go to my Soul Support Sessions Here

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Due to the nature of the art. I am unable to accommodate multiple cancellations. I have a 72 hour window, of an advanced notice or your time is forfeited. That means, if you schedule an appointment you can reschedule it once at no charge within 72 hours advance notice. If you need to reschedule beyond that, your payment has been forfeited.

What is your Cancellation Policy for Offerings, Mentorship, etc.?

By signing up for any of the online offerings, retreats, mentoring or membership on this site, you are agreeing to pay for those in full.

What happens if I miss a scheduled session?  

Being 10 or more minutes late is considered a missed appointment, and your time is forfeited.

Do you offer refunds?

NO REFUNDS will be granted for missed appointments or cancelled appointments within 72 hours.



Is my Information Kept Confidential?

Your Information is private, and all time spent in Soul Support is Sacred Space. Guest Confidentiality is just that. Details of our time is kept confidential. Submitting your information anywhere on this site is also very Shamanic Portal friendly, your information is safe, it will not be shared or disclosed.

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